About this site

If you share my disdain for food that’s only good because it’s good for you, you’ve come to the right place. Especially if you, like most people, could benefit from reducing your daily sodium intake. And most especially if you, like my partner, have been ordered by your doctor to greatly reduce your sodium intake. Doctor’s orders were specifically ‘not even a shake of salt’ in his cooking. Furthermore, of course, to avoid eating out or consuming processed foods.

This site is a collection of our favorite low- or reduced-sodium recipes. When we started cooking at home a lot more, we found that it wasn’t always easy to reduce the salt without compromising taste and we had no lack of dinner disasters. Like, for example, the chicken noodle soup that went down the drain along with my tears. But we’re finally getting the hang of it and changing our diet has worked for him. He is much healthier, he no longer has high blood pressure, and is no longer overweight.

Here you will find some of recipes that we’ve made — and loved! — at least twice. No disasters, no experiments, no exciting first tries — at least not for now. The recipes are low in sodium but tasty enough for people without a restricted sodium diet, like myself.

About the author

I am a currently a grad student, or, as I like to refer to myself, a dissertation-writing housewife. I am not a professional cook nor a dietician or health care professional of any kind. I don’t even pride myself with being a good cook because I’m a very picky eater and I don’t always end up liking the things I make. But occasionally I make things I like and when I find something I like, I make it over and over again because sometimes I’m just not up to putting in the effort of trying something new only to find out that I don’t like it. Which is why I’m only posting tried, tested and true recipes. I hope that if you’re going to put in the effort of recreating our meal, it’ll be worth it for you.

I adapt recipes from other sources often but, as a good, law-abiding citizen, I write the directions myself and take all of the pictures. Did you know that directions in recipes are subject to copyright while the list of ingredients is not?


  • Please keep in mind that I am not a dietician or health care professional of any kind and any advice on this site is my own opinion.
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  • Sorry about the occasional ads on the posts! I plan on hosting this site privately in the (hopefully near) future.